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The Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is a private, voluntary, not-for-profit organization of business leaders and professionals dedicated to improving the economic environment for those from and working with the Asian Pacific American business community. (download brochure in pdf format)

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Mission Statement

APACC is dedicated to promoting a vibrant business environment by cooperative interaction with and among Asian Pacific American businesses, regional governments and our community.

Purpose and Goals

APACC was formed in May 2004 to provide a forum for the development of Asian Pacific American owned businesses in and around the nation’s capital. Our purpose is to promote the development of business through networking, seminars, procurement fairs, workshops and helping business owners access key government leaders, policy makers, procurement officers and other businesses.

Although still relatively young, APACC has already brought together many representatives from all types of businesses to create support for economic development and to ensure the prosperity of our community.

While there are many strong local community chambers of commerce in the metropolitan area, the regionally focused APACC stands alone in serving the entire community of businesses located in Montgomery, Fairfax, Washington DC and other area jurisdictions.

Whether it is to tap into APACC’s international links or to better understand the region’s fast growing Asian Pacific American market, APACC is there to help governments, businesses and associations alike extend their reach. APACC fosters business-to-business relationships, greater access to the APA business community in the region and a deeper understanding of the customer base and demographics of the area’s Asian Pacific American community.

APACC Foundation

The Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc., is the charitable and educational arm of APACC. Established as a 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation provides scholarship and educational opportunities to help develop the next generation of business leaders who will have links to the fastest growing economies of the world as well as grassroots links to local communities.

Organization Structure

Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, APACC holds regular educational seminars and networking meetings for members. APACC also networks with other chambers of commerce, associations and economic development agencies to help members promote their businesses and expand their markets.

Board of Directors

John L. Young, MD, Chair
Alex Chan
George Dang*
Clay Hickson
Wonro Lee
Jonathan Liu, PhD
Warren Minami, PhD
Serina Moy**
Rajan Natarajan, PhD
Shu-Ping Chan, Esq, Executive Director

* Mr. Dang assumes the Chair of the APACC Foundation, Inc. on January 1, 2008.
** Ms. Moy assumes the Chair of APACC on January 1, 2008.

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